Plain English Bible

This translation was produced by the International Bible Translators, Inc. located principally in New England. The Chairman of the Translation Committee of The Plain English Bible is Dr. Stanley L. Morris. The other members of the committee were: F.W. Gingrich, Ph.D., Jack P. Lewis, Ph.D.;Ph.D., C.H. McCord, Th.D., Clyde M. Woods, Ph.D., S.T. Kang, Ph.D., Gary T. Burke, Ph.D. and Milo Hadwin, D.Min.

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This is a revision of the Simple English Bible; it has also been published under the name International English Bible.

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Title: The Great Book The NEW TESTAMENT or our Lord Jesus Christ in PLAIN ENGLISH. Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania "The Scriptures are giving proof about me!" John 5:39 Jesus Christ
Date: 2003
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers, Shippensburg, PA
Contents: New Testament
References: Taliaferro CN00044; Taliaferro-EELBV 8165.130
Images: Cover, Title page
Comments: As of early 2012, the website,, was no longer associated with this translation.


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