Wilbur N. Pickering

New Testament Translation 2016


Title: The Sovereign Creator has Spoken / The New Testament Translation with Commentary / Objective Authority for Living / [by] / Dr. Wilbur Pickering, ThM, PhD
Date: Ⓒ 2016 Wilbur N. Pickering. Second Edition
Publisher: Brasília (Brazil): Project Underground Church – Prunch(dot)org
Contents: New Testament in the traditional order. – Table of Contents • Foreword • Acknowledgement. – Appendix (42 topics).
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Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum (www.bibelpedia.com). Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: Source Text: “The Greek New Testament According to Family 35“ (*see below, edited and published by the author)
Softcover large octavo, adhesive binding; 625 & (3) pp. Scripture text in single column paragraph–wise set with headings; copious footnotes incl. cross references; therein lots of remarks to alternate readings, textual variants and their occurrences in various other Bible translations.

In the one–page Foreword is it said among others:
»For some time Dr. Pickering has felt that among the many hundreds of Greek manuscripts known to exist today, surely God would have preserved the original wording. After years of searching and comparing Greek NT manuscripts, he has concluded that God used a certain line of transmission to preserve that wording. That line is by far the largest and most cohesive of all manuscript groups, or families. It is distinguished from all other groups by the high level of care with which it was copied (Dr. Pickering holds copies of perfect manuscripts for 22 of the 27 books). That archetypal form has empirically, objectively identified by a wide comparison of family representatives, and is indeed error free. As he expected, this error-free text is not seriously different from some of the other “good“ Greek texts. Nevertheless he has done an English translation based on it.« The presented text includes some questionable readings as e. g. the longer Mark–ending (16:9–20) and that of the "Dirty Deal" (John 7:53 – 8:11).

Many of the 42 appendixes deal also with alleged discrepancies of the NT texts. Also few problems beyond NT–issues are dealt with, e. g. „Where is Mt. Sinai?“

(*) The Greek text in this NT presents „the only significant line of transmission, both ancient and independent, that has a demonstrable archetypal form in all 27 books; plus a totally new critical apparatus that gives a percentage of manuscript attestation to the variant readings, and that includes six competing published editions. For this second edition the accents and diacritical marks have been added to the text.“ (Available online and also in book–form)

Greek New Testament (Family 35)



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