Tony Payne

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According to Luke: A Biography of Jesus - 2001


Title: According to Luke A Biography of Jesus
Date: 2001
Publisher: Matthias Media: Sydney, Australia
ISBN: 9781876326388
URL: Matthias Media website (from
Contents: Gospel of Luke
Images: Front cover
Comments: The Essential Jesus (see below) states that John Dickson, Greg Clarke and Kirsten Birkett worked with Payne on the translation. However The Matthias Media website credits Payne and Dickson as translators. lists Clarke as an editor.

The Essential Jesus - 2008


Title: The Essential Jesus
Date: 2008
Publisher: Matthias Media: Sydney, Australia
ISBN: 9781921441271
URL: Matthias Media (US site); Matthias Media (Australia site)
Contents: Gospel of Luke
Images: Front cover, Publication information, Title page, Back cover
Facsimile: The publisher has a PDF file here.
Location: Personal library, Havelock, North Carolina, USA
Comments: Besides the translation, a summary of the Old Testament and the text of the booklet Two Ways to Live is included. Peter Bolt, Darrell Bock, Evonne Paddison, Tim Thornborough and Anne Woodcock worked with Payne on the revision. has a listing for The Essential Jesus that has the subtitle "Discover God's Story Afresh in These Pages"; the ISBN numbers for both booklets match. An image is below.


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