Parallel Versions

Many books contain multiple translations (usually in parallel columns) for easy comparison. Some editions features parallels with Biblical languages (usually Greek or Hebrew) and a modern language. Some feature parallels between different modern languages as in a Spanish-English edition. Several English language parallels exist that either have different historical versions (to facilitate comparisons over time) or between different modern versions (to facilitate greater understanding of the text). Since these books contain multiple translations, they are difficult to classify; therefore this list contains only parallel versions. The individual entries contain links to the individual versions contained in them.

Parallel Biblical Languages

The Great Polyglots

Hebrew / English

Aramaic / English

Greek / English

Greek / Latin

Latin / English

Parallel Multiple English Versions

Parallel Multi-Lingual Editions

Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Wycliffe and Tyndale Gospels

German / English

Polish / English

Spanish / English

American Bible Society 19th Century Diglots


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