Peter A. Papoutsis

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Title: The Holy Orthodox Bible ◆ The Psalms
Date: © 2004 by Mr. Peter A. Papoutsis

Publisher: Raleigh, NC (U.S.A.):
Contents: Psalms 1 - 151 after the Septuagint
Images: Cover, Title page
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum. Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: Hardbound 8vo unpaginated (156 pp.) In »To the Reader« Papoutsis defends the importance of the LXX to the Christian Church and purports a new attempt to undertake an English translation. The Psalter here, however, is not a new translation but derives from »The Psalter According to The Seventy« published by The Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boston 1974) with the proviso that its traditional English would be slightly modernized. Nevertheless, the retention of archaic forms of personal pronouns, like "Thou art" and "mine", is obsolete. – The textual basis of this version is an 1821 Moscow Edition of the LXX. Chapter headings are translated, alternate readings of the various Codices are shown in footnotes. The text is not free from printing errors.
Available parts of The Holy Orthodox Bible other than »The Psalms« are (Nov 2012): »The Pentateuch«, »The Historical Books«, »The Major Prophets & 4. Maccabees« and »The Minor Prophets«.


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