Papago-Piman New Testament

This is a translation of the Greek New Testament into the language of the O'othhm (Papago and Pima people) of Arizona, US and Sonora, Mexico. The translation of the New Testament was done by speakers of major dialects of Papago and Pima in cooperation with representatives of the Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.

Gospel of Mark - 1967


Title: Mark O'ohana ab amjeD g Jiosh Alidag / The Gospel According to Mark Today's English Version
Date: 1967
Publisher: New York: American Bible Society
Language: Papago and English (Today's English Version)
Contents: Mark
Images: Cover, Title page
References: Book of a Thousand Tongues (1972) entry 1037
Comments: The Book of a Thousand Tongues entry identifies the translator as Dean Saxton.

Book of Acts - 1969


Title: Ha'ichu Hab Ha-Juni G Jesus Ah'ada In o o-ohanas O'odhamkaj ch Mil-gahnkaj mo wah haschu am hab junihim hegam mo wuD ah'adaj g Jiosh Alidag The Acts of the Apostles in Papago and English Papago-Piman Translation Wycliffe Bible Translators, Santa Ana, California Today's English Version American Bible Society, New York, N.Y.
Date: 1969
Publisher: Published by Scriptures Unlimited, A Joint Venture of the New York Bible Society and the World Home Bible League
Language: Papago-Pima
Contents: Acts
Images: Cover, Title page

New Testament - 1975


Title: Jiosh Wechij O'ohana The New Testament in O'othham (Papago-Piman)
Date: 1975
Publisher: Published by The World Home Bible League, South Holland, Illinois and The Canadian Home Bible League, Weston, Ontario
Language: Papago & Pima. (The words used in translation were chosen for the best understanding of all dialects. Speakers of each dialect can read the translation in their own dialect.)
Contents: New Testament
Images: Cover, Title page


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