James Orr

Title: The Temple Bible / New Testament Apocryphal Writings Edited by James Orr D.D.
Date: 1903
Publisher: London: J.M. Dent & Co., Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co.
Contents: Introduction (p. v-xxvii), The Protevangelium of James (p. 1-20), The Gospel of Thomas (p. 21-31), The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (p. 32-38), The Gospel of Nicodemus (p. 38-71), The Gospel of Peter (p. 72-78), Acts of Paul and Thecla (p. 78-98), The Falling Asleep of Mary (p. 99-115), Notes (p. 117-137)
References: See Chamberlin 812-1 for information on The Apocryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations, Translated by Alexander Walker. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1873.
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Comments: With the exception of the Gospel of Peter, the translations are taken from the volume on 'Apocryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations' in the ante-Nicene Christian Library of Messrs T. & T. Clark, Edinburgh. The translation of the Gospel of Peter is that of the late Rev. John Macpherson, M.A., in Schubert's tractate on the subject, likewise published by T. & T. Clark. On this, however, several verbal changes have been made to bring it nearer accord with the present state of scholarship. — From the Introduction.
Facsimile: A pdf facsimile is available at archive.org.


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