Open English Bible (OEB)

The Open English Bible (OEB) is a modern English translation of the Bible with a median translation approach similar to that of the NET Bible and the Revised English Bible (REB) available under the Creative Commons Zero Licence.

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This is the base text for most of the canonical New Testament in the New New Testament by Hal Taussig.

Gospel of Mark preview - 2010


Title: Open English Bible
Date: March 25, 2010
Contents: Gospel of Mark
Availability: A PDF can be found here.
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New Testament, Psalms, Ruth, Esther - 2010-2014


Title: Open English Bible
Date: 2010-2014
Contents: New Testament, Psalms, Ruth and Esther is complete but under revision, work has started on the Old Testament, with drafts of Proverbs and some of the Minor Prophets.
Availability: The Open English Bible is available as a download on the Internet. Its home page may be found at, with downloads available as well as the facility to read online.
Comments: The New Testament of the OEB is being formed on the base of the Twentieth Century New Testament, in particular the revised edition published in 1904. As such it is based on the critical text of Wescott & Hort. The OEB aims to be a scholarly defensible mainstream translation usable within a religious community. Unlike the World English Bible but like the REB, NIV etc, the OEB is not based on a source within the Tyndale tradition.
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