O' Shea 16mo Reprints

Title The / New Testament / of Our / Lord and Saviour / Jesus Christ, / Translated from the Latin Vulgate: / with / Annotations and References / with the Approbation of the / Most Rev. John McCloskey, D.D. / Archbishop of New York. / New York: / Published by P. O'Shea, / 104 Bleecker St.
Date 1864?
Publisher P. O'Shea, New York
Contents The Rheims New Testament as revised by Challoner and later by MacMahon.
References OHLHAUSEN Vol. II No. 24.1
Comments Pocket edition with "Repent ye" rather than "Do penance" rendering in Matt. 3:2. Kenrick had made this change. However it is unusual in standard Challoner revisions. It is possible this edition was earlier than that with the Barclay Street address (q.v.)
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