Donald A. Nash

In addition to this translation, Donald A. Nash also contributed to the Essential New Testament by Dennis Beatty.

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First Edition - 1997


Title: A Literal and Consistent New Testament Version »LAC«
Date: Not given (1st Edition 1997)
Publisher: Grayson, KY (U.S.A.): Kentucky Christian College
Contents: New Testament in the traditional canon. [Underlying Greek text not specified]
References: Taliaferro-BVE CN00490, Taliaferro-EELBV 8505.100.
Images: Cover, back Cover, Title, Title reverse
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum. Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: Donald A. Nash, Professor, Emeritus of Kentucky Christian College is listed as Translator. Editors are Thomas J. Gemeinhart and Floyd M. Hill.

Paperback 8vo; XII and 420 pp; sewn binding. Printed in manuscript style. Translator wrote the 8 pp preface wherein he unfolds the development of his work. The principles of his translation are compared with NASB and NIV. Important Greek terms are closely examined. Scripture text is presented verse- wise. References to the OT, alternate readings and brief explanations in footnote.

Base Greek text is an (unspecified) critical one, the UBS or, Nestle Aland, as can be seen from the comments to e. g. Matth. 17:21: “Not in older manuscripts"; its translation is downgraded into the footnote. This also applies for the text of Romans 16:24, which is put in brackets with the same comment. John 7:53 to 8:11 is not bracketed but also has the "not in older mss" – comment. Interestingly there is not such a note on the longer ending of Mark (16:9-20), which is translated without being put in brackets.

Second Edition - 1998


Title: A Literal and Consistent New Testament Version
Date: 1997 (Second revised edition 1998)
Publisher: Kentucky Christian College: Grayson, Kentucky
Contents: New Testament
References: Taliaferro-BVE CN00490, Taliaferro-EELBV 8505.110.
Images: Cover, Title page
Comments: Donald A. Nash, Professor Emeritus Kentucky Christian College is listed as the Translator. The editors were Thomas J. Gemeinhart and Floyd M. Hill. The second edition proof reader was David F. Pieratt.


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