James M'Swiney

From the Introduction: “The following bi-columnar translation of the Hebrew-Masoretic text, and of the Vulgate version of the Psalter is the outcome of studies undertaken for the purpose of throwing light on the many obscurities of the Vulgate Psalter, a task incumbent on every ecclesiastic and Regular, who would attain to an intelligent and devout relish of these inspired hymns, which in all ages have constituted the main portion of the prayer of the Church…This work may serve the clergy as a substitute for the voluminous commentaries, from which so many of them are debarred by scanty means, and want of leisure. It may also help the laity to a deeper understanding, a more familiar knowledge of the Psalms, and thus to recover for them the place they held, until of late, even in the private devotions of almost every class of the Faithful.”

James M’Swiney includes two translations of the Psalter – one from the Hebrew and the other from the Vulgate. In addition he includes Psalm 151 and several canticles used in the morning and evening offices of the Church of Rome: Exodus 15:1-19, Deuteronomy 32:1-43, 1 Kings (1 Samuel) 2:1-10, Isaiah 12:1-6, Isaiah 38:9-20, Daniel 3:57-88, Habakkuk 3:1-19, Luke 1:46-55, Luke 1:68-79, and Luke 2:29-32.

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Title: Translation of the Psalms and Canticles with Commentary
Date: 1901
Publisher: Sands and Co.: London.
Contents: Psalms and selected canticles
References: Chamberlin 240-8, 324-6; Herbert 2382
Images: Title page
Facsimile: A pdf facsimile is available at archive.org.


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