MLWC - Updated King James Version

The Updated King James Version is a public domain modification of the King James Version; it was produced by a man identifying himself as MLWC. He used software known as "Translator" to make changes to the text (a list of readings changed by the software can be found here); MLWC wrote the software.

For sample verses from the Updated King James Version, click here.

Title: The UPDATED King James Version (UKJV)
Date: December 25, 2000
URL: (via
Contents: Bible
References: Taliaferro-EELBV 8690.120.
Comments: MLWC used the letters "o" and "p" in the text; these stand for original words and suggested words, respectively. The UKJV was updated in May 2009; Yahoo closed down the Geocities service in 2009. As a result of the closure some websites have made content from the service available. Of these Oocities and Reocities have the UKJV website archived.


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