Miskito New Testament

Miskito is spoken by 15,000 to 20,000 people in the coastal lowlands of easter Nicaragua and Honduras, and as far north as the Patuca River. Eastern Honduras is refered to as 'Mosquitia.' Numerous dialectal varations are found. Miskito is related to the Sumu tongues and Matagalpa, known as Chontal of Nicaragua. (From The Book of a Thousand Tongues** entry 865.)


Title: Dawan Bila La Raya Waungkataya (Testament Raya) El Neuvo Testamento en Misquito.
Date: 1937
Publisher: American Bible Society: New York
Language: Miskito
Contents: New Testament
References: Book of a Thousand Tongues (1972) entry 865.
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Comments: This is probably a reprint of the 1926 New Testament.

Translation History

1889 Gospels, Acts, 1904 Psalms, 1905 New Testament Herrnhut Bible Society, Herrnhut Translated by Moravian missionaries, including P. Blair, W.W. Sieborger, H. Berchenhagen, H. Ziock, A. Erdmann, and F. Kern.
1926 New Testament, 1958 Psalms (with Spanish) American Bible Society, New York. Translated by George R. Heath and later, Werner Marx, Moravian missionaries.

— From The Book of a Thousand Tongues entry 865.


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