Mende Bible

The Mende Language is spoken in southeastern Sierra Leone by between 600,000 and 1 million people making it the largest language of the nation.


Title: Kayema Baibui Hinda Yangilingɔ Wovɛi Hinda Yangilingɔ Ninɛi
Date: 1959
Publisher: London: The British and Foreign Bible Society.
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References: Thousand Tongues (1972) 853.
Comments: First Edition, 1959.

Translation History

1867 Matthew Lawana Missionary Press
Translated by missionaries of the Mende Mission, Lawana.

1871 Matthew, Mark 1872 Luke-Romans British and Foreign Bible Society
Translated by James F. Schon, Church Mission Society, and Harvey Ritchell, an African Christian. After 1871 the translation was continued by Henry Johnson, an African pastor for the Christian Missionary Society.

1928 Matthew (revised) British and Foreign Bible Society, London
Revised by W. T. Balmer, Wesleyan Methodist Mission Society

1930 Ruth, Galatians 1931 I Corinthians
1932 Mark 1936 John 1939 Luke British and Foreign Bible Society, London
1943 Acts (revised) British and Foreign Bible Society, Cape Town
1943 James 1944 I Peter Bunumbu Press
1950 2 Peter Jonah (not dated) Protectorate Literature Bureau, Bo
1952 Mark (revised) 1953 Matthew (revised) British and Foreign Bible Society, London
1953-1954 2 Corinthians Galatians 1,2 Timothy Titus 1-3 John Jude Protectorate Literature Bureau, Bo
1956 New Testament 1959 Bible British and Foreign Bible Society, London

Translated by W.R.E. Clarke, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, until the establishment of a committee in the late 1930s; the Committee included over the years: J.R.S. Laws, S. Brown, R.A. Johnson, M. Mary Senior, Blanche Tucker, L.W. Juby, Methodist Missionary Society, and P.F. Jibao, D.D. Tucker, S.M. Musa, S.A. Junusa, A.M. Vandi, and G.K. Edwards, African Christians.

— From The Book of a Thousand Tongues entry 853


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