Norman Marrow

Norman Marrow was an Open Scholar of Christ's at Cambridge where he graduated with honors in Classics. He later taught Latin, Greek and Scripture at Watford Grammar School, where he was Senior Classical Master for thirty years. He is a member of the Society of Friends and describes making this translation as "a labour of love undertaken under concern."

It represents an attempt to express what the Evangelists' Greek seems to him to be saying in an English largely devoid of traditional 'biblical' phraseology, and therefore, perhaps, more capable of speaking meaningfully to those for who such phraseology may be a stumbling-block. (from the back cover)

Click here for sample verses from the version by Norman Marrow.


Title: The Four Gospels newly translated from the Greek by Norman Marrow
Date: 1977
Publisher: White Cresent Press, Ltd.: Luton
Contents: Gospels
References: Chamberlin p. 622-8
Images: Cover, Title page


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