Ray W. Johnson

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American Common Speech Translation


Title: The American Common Speech Translation of the Gospel of John
Date: This publication is undated. Chamberlain dates the first edition as 1953 and the revised "Second Edition" as 1961.
Contents: Gospel of John in paragraph form. The chapter divisions are noted but the verses are not indicated in the text. Every fifth verse is noted in the margin. The was designed as a tract for evangelism so it also contains an introductory story and a concluding "P.S." to encourage a person to make a personal decision for Christ. The back cover includes a "Decision Prayer" and a place for a person to put their name and date.
Publisher: Life Messengers: Seattle, Washington
References: Chamberlain 687-10
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Last Days Bible

For more information on the Last Days Bible (including a download of the New Testament) see their website: Lastdaysbible.org.


Title: Matthew from The Last Days Bible (Cover reads: The Last Days Bible The Great News as reported by Matthew Prophecy Edition)
Date: 1994
Publisher: Life Messengers: Seattle, Washington
Contents: Matthew
References: Taliaferro-EELBV see 8610.
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Title: The New Testament. God's New Agreement with Mankind Through His Son Jesus the Messiah. A captivating, accurate new tesnslation, with special, authoritative notes, for the last generation. After 43 years of publishing the Great News about God's magnificent salvation, Ray W. Johnson, founder and President of Life Messengers felt strongly led by God to produce the Last Days New Testament. The translation and notes follow many years of extensive study, research, and collaboration with imminent bible scholars about the end times and many other subjects. Mr. Johnson is presently completing work on the prophets of the Old Testament, which will also, soon be available to serious students of God's Word. (Cover reads: The Last Days Bible The New Testament God's New Agreement with Mankind Prophecy Edition)
Date: 1999
Publisher: Life Messengers: Seattle, Washington
Contents: New Testament
References: Taliaferro-BVE CN00462, Taliaferro-EELBV 8610..
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