Kuku-Yalanji New Testament


Godumu Kuku is a translation of the New Testament into the Kuku-Yalanji language. Kuku-Yalanji is the language spoken by the Aboriginal people located on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula between Mossman and Cooktown, and inland to Chillagoe (Australia). In this large language area are several dialects but all of them are mutually intelligible. Therefore this volume should be useful to speakers of all the dialects in the area.

The translation was prepared by members of the Wycliffe Bible Translators with help from Kuku-Yalanji speakers living at the Wujal-Wujal Aboriginal Community on the Bloomfield River. The text has been checked by the Translation Department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Australian Aborigines Branch.

The translation principles on which this work was based are those contained in Translating the Word of God by Beekman and Callow. An idiomatic approach has been followed focusing on translation of the underlying meaning of the original Greek into understandable Kuku-Yalanji idiom, rather than a literal translation of Greek words and idioms.


Title: Godumu Kuku The New Testament in Kuku-Yalanji
Date: 1985
Contents: New Testament
Publisher: World Home Bible League
Images: Cover, Title page


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