Editions in Shorthand

Editions Of the King James Bible in Shorthand


Title: The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues: and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. Printed in the Corresponding Style of Phonetic Shorthand.
Date: 1867 (New Testament dated 1866)
Publisher: London: Fred. Pitman, Phonetic Depot, 20 Paternoster Row. Bath: Isaac Pitman, Phonetic Institute
Contents: Bible
Images: Bible Title page, New Testament Title Page.
Comments: Title on spine reads "Holy Bible in Phonography."


Title: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his majesty's special command. Appointed to be read in churches. Printed in an Easy Reporting Style of Pitman's Shorthand. (XX. Cent. Edition.)
Date: 1912?
Publisher: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd.: London
Contents: New Testament
Images: Cover, Title Page, Sample page
Comments: This appears to be a reprint of the 1886 edition. A PDF facsimile of the 1886 edition is available at books.google.com. (The facsimile appears to have been scanned backwards - the last page of Revelation is first and it ends with the title page.)

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