William Kelly

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Title: The Psalms - A New Version with Short Notes
Date: 1904
Publisher: T. Weston: London
Contents: Psalms
References: Chamberlin 325-5; Herbert 2383
Images: Cover, Title page, Inscription by "W.K."
Comments: The translator is not listed in the book, but Chamberlin lists them and Rev and Mrs. William Kelly. The copy has an inscription signed by "W.K." in memorium of "E.E.K.". This may be William Kelly and a refefence to his late wife.
Facsimile: A pdf facsimile is available at books.google.com.



Title: ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΙΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ. Τhe Revelation of John, / Edited in Greek, /
with a New English Version, / and A Statement of the Chief Authorities / and Various Readings. / By William Kelly
Date: 1860. 1st Edition – This Edition ⓒ 1995
Publisher: London, England (U.K.): Williams & Norgate (for the 1st Ed.).
This Edition: London, England (U.K.): Chapter Two
Contents: The Revelation of John. Preface (2 pp); Introduction (20 pp); Explanations (1 p)
Language: Greek and English
Images: Cover, Title page
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv-Birnbaum, Karlsruhe/ Baden, Germany
Comments: Hardcover octavo, thread stitching. XXIV, 68 & (4) pp. The title is not of the original, but has been printed for this facsimile. So it cannot be said, whether William Kelly's name has been printed in full or abbreviated W.K.
The Greek text is situated on left, translation on right side of a double page. Extensive footnotes with alternate readings of various manuscripts incl. Vulgate and Syriac. Knowledge of Greek is helpful. William Kelly gave a preface signed with his initials W.K., dated Guernsey [Channel Isl., GB] June 8, 1860, wherein he writes concerning his translation:
"In the English version I have sought, at the risk of baldness, to give as precise a reflection as I could of the Greek text here laid down, so as to bring out in English, as much as possible, not only the changes required by the text adopted, but peculiar Apocalyptic forms and the order of the words."

In the multi- page introduction the author discusses at great length the history of the Greek text of the Apocalypse from the Elzevirs, Stephanus and Erasmus to the latest discoveries by Tischendorf, bringing the differences of the textual families and codices Alexandrinus, Vaticanus etc. to the reader's attention. Rejecting the "Textus receptus", he states his favour for the Codex Sinaiticus, the manuscripts thereof compiled by Tischendorf only a few years before (1854). Furthermore he evaluates the NT Graece of Griesbach, Scholz, Lachmann, Wetstein (sic!), Tregelles, Wordsworth, Bengel et altera concerning their contributions the a critical text of the Revelation. The introduction closes with the following remark: "The revised translation, published by the American Bible Union, (London, Trübner & Co., 1854) has suggested some profitable hints for the English Version".

The Greek text and the English translation are set in running form, paragraph-wise; verses are numbered. All kinds of omissions and numerous textual variants given in extensive footnotes.


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