Judæan and Authorized Version

This Judæan and Authorized Version may be described as “The New Testament Without Antisemitism“. Amendments herein of the 1611 translation can all be established from the sources. They have been adopted with one aim: to eliminate, as far as truth will allow, those unfortunate readings which tend to sow enmity between Christians and Jews. The authentic New Testament teaching involves love (not murderous hate). Thus, this Judæan Version claims to be a truly Christian translation. In all other respects, the text remains as in 1611. (Note on title verso)

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Title: New Testament ✡ Judæan & Authorized Version
Date: 1970 (manually corrected to 19721)
Publisher: Jerusalem (Israel): Judæan Publishing House
References: Chamberlin 591-2, Taliaferro-EELBV 8080
Contents: New Testament (HC - cloth, brown) (210 mm) ([2],592)
Images: Spine, Title page.
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany
Comments: Clothboard, octavo, 592 pp. Plain Text of the corrected AV in single column. (From the rescript:) “To avoid uncertainty, notes at the foot of the page amplify every instance of departure from the Authorized Version, so that this book contains the Judæan as well as the Authorized Version. It is a publication long overdue – a »rapprochement« between Christendom and Jewry.“


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