Benno Jacob

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Benno Jacob (* Frankenstein, Lower Silesia (Prussia) 1862 – 1945 London, England (U.K.)) was one of the great Jewish biblical scholars of the twentieth century. Rejecting the Documentary Hypothesis, he emphasized the importance of careful linguistic study of the biblical text. His commentaries and accompanying translations are often highly original and clearly demonstrate (than merely assert) the text´s unity.“ [Excerpt from book cover of Exodus]

The First Book of the Bible ✡ Genesis


Title: The First Book of the Bible ✡ Genesis. Interpreted by B. Jacob. His Commentary abridged, edited and translated by Ernest I. Jacob and Walter Jacob
Date: 1974. [2nd, augmented ed. 2007]
Publisher: New York N.Y. (U.S.A.): Ktav Publishing House
Contents: Genesis (The First Book of Tora, abridged)
Images: (DJ cover 1974, cover 2007)
Comments: Subtitle: “Abridged translation of Das erste Buch der Tora: Genesis.“ XII & 358 pp.
This abridged version comprises of about one third of the German original, with c. 1050 pp!

The title of the original version: Das erste Buch der Tora ✡ Genesis, übersetzt und erklärt von Benno Jacob, published in Berlin SW19 (Germany): by Schocken Verlag MCMXXXIV / 1934; reprinted by KTAV Publishing House, New York NY (U.S.A) 1974

The Second Book of the Bible ✡ Exodus


Title: The Second Book of the Bible: ✡ Exodus. Interpreted by Benno Jacob / Translated with an introduction by Walter Jacob in association with Yaacov Elman
Date: 1992
Publisher Hoboken N.J. (U.S.A.): KTAV Publishing House
Contents:. Exodus, 2nd Book of Tora. – Preface • The Life and works of Benno Jacob • Introduction. • Appendixes • Partial Bibliography and Key to Abbreviation • Index booklet.
Images: (cover and title page)
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv Birnbaum. Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany (
Comments: Hardcover, large octavo, sewn binding; XXXIV & 1116 pp. (incl. index booklet in separate envelope).

Titel of the German version, edited only in 1997: Das Buch Exodus • übersetzt und erklärt von Benno Jacob, nach dem bis 1943 überarbeiteten und revidierten Manuskript herausgegeben im Auftrag des Leo Baeck Institutes. Published in Stuttgart (Germany), by Calwer Verlag


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