Israel Itshakov

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Title: Tehillim Ben Israelתהלים בן ישראל ❖ Hebrew Translation Transliteration – »Read it Right Say it Right«

Date: Ⓒ 2010 by Israel Itshakov . First edition
Publisher: Jerusalem (Israel): Ktav VaSefer Y. Lutfi –– Flushing N.Y. (U.S.A.): Ben Israel Books
Contents: Tehillim - 5 Books of Psalms. Appendixes: Alef-Bet: The Hebrew Letters, Transliteration Key. Request before reciting Tehillim, Request after reciting Tehillim. Dedications.
Language: Hebrew w/ transliteration and English

Images: Title page, Cover, Explanation
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany

Comments: Hardback, large octavo, sewn binding. (18), 264 double & (28) pp.
This book is - apart from being an English translation of the Psalms - intended for the reader to whom the Hebrew is unintelligible but who wants to be able to read and pronounce it. The transliteration given serves this purpose. In the Introduction (3 pp.) Itshakov writes:
»With this transliterated Tehillim, one should be able to come close to the second level [= reading with proper phonetic pronunciation] without knowing a single word of Hebrew. Correct pronunciation is assured by the use of a unique phonetic spelling system that was developed exclusively for this book.«

Details about the English translation are not given; it has definitely Jewish characteristics as Psalm 1:2 translates, “But the Torah of Hashem is his desire“, compared to the traditional Christian “but his delight is in the law of the LORD“ (NASB).

The English translation ranks third, the primary aim is the text of the Masora (Hebrew, punctuated) and its transliteration into Latin letters. A concise key of how the Hebrew is pronounced is located in the footnotes. The English has verse divisions, every psalm is briefly introduced. The Masora is on the right, transliteration and translation on the left side of the open book, which, of course opens from behind. A clearly arranged bookmark accompanies the reader with all necessary explanations for reciting Tehillim.


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