Iroquois - Gospel of Luke

Title: N'o-ri-wa-to-ken-ti Tsi-ni-ho-ia-ton Rok
Date: 1942
Publisher: Wes-To-ro-non-ke Tsi Tie-ris-to-ra-rak-tha Ne Ka-ia-ton-se-ra-to-ken-ti Ken-si-io-se-ro-ten 1816 tio-ta-sa-we Ka-non-no (American Bible Society: New York)
Language: Iroquis
Contents: Gospel of Luke
References: Book of a Thousand Tongues (1972) entry 559, Darlow & Moule see 5568.
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Translation History

1880 Gospels British and Foreign Bible Society, Montreal

Translated by Joseph Onasakenrat, a Methodist, with Jean Dion and P. Laforte, both educated Indians.

1942 Luke American Bible Society, New York

A revision of the Onasakenrat text, prepared by David M. Cory and Louise Diabo, Presbyterians, with changes to allow its use by the Iroquois of the Coughnawaga Reservation near Montreal, Quebec, and of Brookline, New York as well as by the Oneida Indians of Wisconsin.

— From The Book of a Thousand Tongues entry 559.


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