How To Help

The big and overwhelming goal of this wiki is to list every edition of every translation of the Bible ever created. While that is probably an unattainable goal, the goal of listing many, many translations is probably do-able with community help.

To that end, we are soliciting your help. We need people to do the following:

1) Read over what has been already entered and fix any errors you find. Either edit the page directly or send the correction to moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib#moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib.

2) Enter new translations. As you do so, please try to adhere to the style of existing entries. Please include the exact title, date, and publisher for every entry (if known). Most translations are entered under the name of the translator or common name of the translation (if it was produced by a committee). If you don't see something try the "search" before entering the date (it may just be there under a different name. If you do enter a new translation, please update the List of Translations page so others can find your entry.

3) Enter information on other editions on translation that are already entered. You are especially encouraged to enter information on historically significant editions. For example, entering information on the first King James Version printed in the United States is very interesting while later edition may be less so.

4) Send in scans. Scans or photographs of editions are always welcome and they will be added to the site. At present, general users cannot add images (that may change as I learn more about managing this site), but they can be mailed to moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib#moc.oohay|ikiw_elbib for inclusion.

5) Help with descriptions. One thing that really needs to be done is include complete descriptions about each edition. This could start with a page about how to write a good description. I have never been sure what to include so expert advice here would be greatly appreciated.

6) Tell others about this site. Please tell other interested people about this site. The more people involved then the lighter the load will be for everyone.

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