Modern Evangelical Version (Robert Thomas Helm)

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Title: The New Testament ✜ Modern Evangelical Version • MEV
[by] Robert Thomas Helm (Translator)
Date: © 2013 by Robert Thomas Helm
Publisher: Bloomington, IN (U.S.A.): Xlibris LLC
Contents: New Testament. – Contents, Introduction.
Images: Cover, Title page
Comments: Translation largely based on the Fourth Revised Edition of The Greek New Testament, published by the United Bible Societies in 1993.

[Hardbound or] paperback, adhesive binding; large octavo, 802 pp. Scripture text in single column, paragraph–wise set with headings. Endnotes appear after each chapter, incl. alternate readings and cross references.

R. T. Helm wrote three–page Introduction (not dated); therein he lets the reader know:
»The MEV is unique in certain respects. Specifically, it is intended to provide a bold witness to the good news (gospel) about Jesus Christ in modern colloquial English. (…) First, this is a conservative translation. The translator believes the the Genesis account of a six–day creation and a subsequent, world–wide flood is real history … (…) Second, this is a dynamic equivalent translation of the Greek scriptures. The term “dynamic equivalent“ indicates that a literal, word for word translation is not always provided. (…) Further points should be noted: (1) This translation attempts to use gender inclusive language when the original text is gender specific. (…)«

As this rendering is provided from the critical UBS Novum Testamentum Graece, the following verses, found mainly in the Byzantine text group, are relegated to the endnotes: e. g. Matth. 16:3, 17:21, 18:11, 23:14; Mark 16:9–20; John 7:53–8:11; Rom 16:24. At least, all these verses are translated.


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