Vivian Maria Hartley

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Title: The Psalter According to the Seventy / that is, the Septuagint / Ecclesiastical Text /
Translated by Vivian Maria Hartley, M.A. /
With contributions from the Priest Lambros Kamperidis, John Hadjinicolaou the Monk Pierre (Vachon) and others.
Date: 2000 / 2009 / 2012, third edition (with corrections).
Publisher: Ottawa, Ontario (Canada): The Archdiocese of Canada / Orthodox Church in America
Contents: The Psalter, ch. 1 to 151. The Biblical Canticles • Concluding Prayers. –
Introduction • The Manner of Reading Sessions • Prayers before beginning to read the Psalter.
Images: Cover, Title page
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany
Comments: Ring–book octavo, XXVIII & 552 pp. Scripture text in single column, set verse–wise, counted by every five. Psalm–superscriptions translated; introductory verses in Greek, Latin, and English. Explanatory notes, cross references and alternate readings in copious footnotes.
The introduction serves as an encyclopedia to the Psalter in the LXX version; we read:

»This new translation, in its third edition, with corrections, is primarily a pastoral one. It has not made direct reference to Hebrew or Syriac texts of the same textual tradition. This is for others. For this pastoral reason we follow particularly the Greek text of the Ecclesiastical Psalter. One cannot emphasize too strongly that this Septuagint Psalter, although not well–known in the twentieth/ twenty-first century west, represents a legitimate textual tradition of the Holy Scriptures from ancient times, as seen in the “Dead Sea Scrolls“. «

Nine pages of general Introduction are followed by an essay about “Saint Gregory of Nyssa, and the Psalter“ (11 pp), continued by “Words about reading the Psalter“; the liturgical compass includes „“The Manner of Reading the Seasons“, the arrangement of the Psalter into Kathismata (Sessions), “Notes on Scripture Names“ and “Prayers Before Beginning to Read the Psalter“.

After every eighth Psalm (Kathisma) “Trisagion Prayers“ (Trice Holy– Prayer) are added. Nine canticles follow the 151st Psalm:
2 Mōysēs 15:1–9 & 5 Mōysēs 32:1–43 (of Moses); 1 Kingdoms 2:1–10 (Anna); Abbakoum 3:2–19 (Habakuk); Ēsaias 26:9-20 (Isaiah); Jōnas 2:3–10 (Jona); Daniēl 3:26–56 & 57–88 (Three holy children); Luke 1:46–55 (Theotokos) & 68–79 (Zacharias). Following the “End of the Biblical Odes“, nearly 90 pp of prayer- liturgy conclude this book.


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