Johann Jakob Griesbach

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Title: Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ Novum Testamentum Graece ex recensione Jo. Jac. Griesbachii cum Selecta Lectionum Varietate Tomus Primus. Lipsiæ, G. J. Göschen. 1805. Cantabrigiæ Nov-Anglorum 1809. Typis Academicis; Sumtibus W. Wells et W. Hilliard.
Language: Greek
Date: 1809
Publisher: W. Wells et W. Hillard: Cantabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum
Contents: New Testament
References: O'Callaghan p. 97
Description: small 4to π4b-c4 B-2M4 2O-4G4 4H1 (p. xxiv, 615). Note the Volume 2 title page is required by the signatures but not numbered in sequence. Also the printer used a 24 Letter signature alphabet (includes 'W').
Images: Title page
Comments: This is the first American edition of Griesbach's edition of the New Testament. It is a two volume work but both volumes are bound together; hence there is a second title page for "Tomus Secundus" following page 275.


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