Great Bible

The Great Bible (so called because of its large size) is a revision of Matthew's Bible by Myles Coverdale. Coverdale worked under the patronage of Thomas Cromwell (King Henry VIII's viceregent) so this Bible is sometimes called "Cromwell's Bible."

Complete Bible - 1539


Title: The Byble in | Englyshe, that is to saye the con- | tent of all the holy srcypture, bothe | of ye old and newe testament, truly | translated after the veryte of the | Hebrue and Greke testes, by ye dy- | lygent studye of dyuerse excellent | learned men, expert in theforsayde | tonges. | Prynted by Rychard Grafton & | Edward Whitchurch. | Cum priuilego ad imprimen- | dum solum. | 1539.
Date: 1539
Publisher: Richard Grafton & Edward Whitchurch
Contents: Bible plus Apocrypha
References: Herbert 46, Taliaferro-EELBV 7035.
Images: Title page (from the Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University)
Comments: The New Testament from the 1539 edition is reprinted in the English Hexapla.

Psalms Reprint - 1894


Title: The Psalter of the Great Bible of 1539 A Landmark in English Literature edited with introduction and notes By John Earle, M.A. Rector of Swanswick, Rawlinsonian Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of Oxford
Date: 1894
Publisher: London: John Murray
Contents: Psalms
References: Herbert 2058, Chamberlain 3-2
Images: Title page


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