Martin Luther

New Testament - 1522

In September, 1522, Luther published the first edition of his translation of the New Testament. He had begun that during his stay at the Wartburg, in eleven weeks from December 1521 to February 1522. Some 3-5,000 copies were printed and by December, 1522, a second edition, called the "December Testament" had to be published.


Title: Das Neue Testament Deůtzsch
Date: 1522
Publisher: Wittemberg, Anhalt (Deutschland): [bei Melchior Lotter d. J. für Lukas Cranach d. Ä. und Christian Döring]
Contents: New Testament in German
Images: Title page (from the 1972 facsimile)
Facsimile: A facsimile of the 1522 September Testament was published in 1972 by Kenneth A. Strand and printed by Ann Arbor Publishers, Ann Arbor, Michigan. (title page)

Complete Bible - 1534

After publishing the September and December 1522 editions of the New Testament, Luther began work on a translation of the Old Testament. He published the Pentateuch in 1523, Joshua-Esther and Job-Song of Solomon in 1524, and the Prophets in 1532. Finally, in 1534, he published the whole Bible including the Apocrypha.


Title: Biblia das ist die gantze Heilige Schrifft Deudsch. Mart. Luth. Wittemberg. / Begnadet mit Kurfürstlicher zu Sachsen freiheit.
Date: M. D. XXXIIII. (1534)
Publisher: Wittemberg, Anhalt (Deutschland): Gedruckt durch Hans Lufft
Contents: Bible + Apocrypha in German
Images: Title page, New Testament Title page (from the Taschen facsimile).
Facsimile: A full-color facsimile of Luther's 1534 Bible was published by Taschen in 2003. (Cover)

American Bible Society Editions

New Testament - 1835


Title: Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi. Nach Dr. Martin Luther's Uebersetzung.
Date: 1835
Publisher: Philadelphia PA (U.S.A.): Gedruckt für die Amerikanische Bibel- Gesellschaft bey Georg W. Mentz und Sohn, Buchhändler. [= Printed for the American Bible Society by Georg W. Mentz and Son, Booksellers]
Contents: New Testament in German
Images: Title page

Complete Bible - 1847


Title: Die Bibel ober Die ganze Heilige Schrift des alten und neuen Testaments.
Date: 1847
Publisher: New York N. Y. (U.S.A.): Herausgeg[be]n von der Amerikanischen Bibel= Gesellschaft (American Bible Society)
Contents: Bible in German
Images: Title page.
Comments: This is the 18th edition of the German Bible published by the American Bible Society.

Remark: Through a printer's error, two letters are missing in the "edited" line: "Herausgegen" is "Herausgegeben".

German/English - 1849


Title: Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi. / The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ translated out of the Original Greek; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.
Date: 1849 (1st and 2nd editions)
Publisher: New York N. Y. (U.S.A.): Herausgege[be]n von der Amerikanischen Bibel= Gesellschaft [= Edited by the American Bible– Society]
Contents: New Testament in German and English in parallel columns.
Images: German Title page, English Title page
Comments: This is the First edition of the German / English parallel New Testament. A second edition was also published in 1849.
Remarks: As in the 1847 edition, two letters are missing through a printer's error in the "edited" line of the German title page: "Herausgegen" instead of "Herausgegeben".

Other Editions


Title: Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments Nach der deutschen Übersetzung Martin Luthers
Date: 1967
Publisher: The National Bible Press: Philadelphia, PA
Contents: Bible in German
Images: cover, title
Location: Marine Warrior Library, Cherry Point, North Carolina, USA
Comments: This contains a 1964 Old Testament translation and a 1956 translation of the New Testament.


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