Le Gros French Bible

Title Sainte / Bible / Traduite / sur les Textes / Origineaux, / avec les différences de la Vulgate: / Nouvelle Edition / Revue, & augmentée des Concordances, Tables / Chronologiques, & quelques Notes. / Tome I. / Containent les cinq Livres de Moyse, / & le Livre de Joshue / A Bruxelles. / M. DCC. LVII.
Date: 1757
Publisher: Unknown, Brussels
Contents: A seven volume edition containing the translation by Nicholas le Gros through Ezra and by unknown other parties for the remainder. The original edition appeared in five volumes in 1753.
References Darlow & Moule 3818 (for the 1753 edition)
Comments: In 1739 le Gros had published an edition of the Bible with his translation through Numbers 22:23 and the Port Royal translation for the remainder.
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