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Your page on KJER calls the Discover Jesus Bible of 2015 also KJER, although its cover says KJVER, not KJER.

KJVER seems to be a big thing on the market nowadays. They have dozens of design versions, by big publishers.

It makes one wonder — not having seen the text of KJER 2001, to compare it with KJVER 2015:

Are they the same text, or different revisions, or completely different works without any connection to each other?

Are they the same project by same author, or did the big companies notice the idea of some random guy's KJER, and then made their own different KJVER independently?

The PDF version of Little Watchman downloadable at their website shows that it was last revised in 2018. Such small online versions can in some cases be updated so often that it is impossible to keep track of it, maybe unnecessary too — to just tell that there was a revision, without knowing what was revised.

I wonder if this is intentional… George N. LeFevre sometimes spelled as LeFervre, on his page here.

It's very valuable if complete. It's a First Edition of The ABS!

Is this new forum?

The Last Long S by LongliveLongSLongliveLongS, 20 May 2020 03:41

Hello, I ran across a Bible the other day and I can't find any information on it. It has absolutely zero printer information, only that it was printed by Moody press and printed in The USA. It's an Authorized King James (weighs a ton 2,348 pages) I'm guessing printed in the 40's-50's? It's in great condition, If anyone has any info on this I would really appreciate it…I've looked everywhere and can't find another…anywhere. Thanks

Under: The Internet Bible Catalog » List of English Translations » Douay Rheims » Irish Bible Editions 19th Century » Reprints Of The Simms M'Intyre 24mo. I thought someone might be interested to know that there are "Non-London" imprint reprints, which is what I have. It is a 1840 Belfast imprint exactly like the first edition title page, but with the date 1840, not 1839. The reason I thought someone might like to see it, was that I checked myself before buying the edition I now have, and supposed it would have the London imprint, but was very happy to discover it had only the Belfast imprint.

So my question is, assuming I am allowed to add this info, how to add the title page picture, and then add the bibliographical info on the page I mentioned above.

To be more specific: How do I post a picture on the Bible_wiki album, so I can reference it in the text entry? I have the picture uploaded to my own album on flickr so far.


I'm selling Bibles


La Sacra Bibbia a cura di Mons. A. Martini in 2 Volumi formato A4 Edizioni Garzanti – Tavole di G. Dorè (1954) EURO 30,00

Bibbia per la Gioventù (1960) LDC con Imprimatur EURO 10,00

I VANGELI – Traduzione e presentazione di Giovanni Giolo (1997) EURO 3,00

Vangelo secondo Matteo - Traduzione letteraria ecumenica © 2002 Società Biblica Britannica & Forestiera EURO 2,00

Vangelo secondo Giovanni - Traduzione letteraria ecumenica dell'A.D. 2000 © 1999 Società Biblica Britannica & Forestiera EURO 2,00

Il Vangelo (1966) Don Giuseppe Guerini. Con Imprimatur EURO 5,00

Il Santo Vangelo di N. S. Gesù Cristo (1935) C. Borla – C. Testore S. J – S.E.I. EURO 10,00

Il Vangelo e gli Atti degli apostoli. Traduzione dai testi originali di P. Angelico Poppi O. F. M. CONV. VI
Edizione 1971. Edizioni Messaggero Padova. EURO 6,00

Il Vangelo (1957) Assisi – Ed. Pro Civitate Christiana EURO 5,00

Le Parabole Evangeliche (1959) Alfio Giaccaglia – Edizioni Paoline – Bari EURO 2,00

Das Neue Testament – Le Nouveau Testament – Il Nuovo Testamento – The New Testament
(Il Nuovo Testamento in 4 lingue: Tedesco, Francese, Italiano e Inglese) EURO 4,00

II Nuovo Testamento e i Salmi (Ungherese) 1957 EURO 5,00


La Trinità: Verità o Falsità? (2007) 540 pagine (NUOVO) EURO 10,00


The Catholic Bible with the Confraternity text (1961) GOOD COUNSEL PUBLISHING COMPANY
Chicago, Illinois. Edizione LUSSO NUOVA. Contiene Catholic Doctrinal Guide EURO 80,00

EURO 25,00

The Book of Yahweh; The Holy Scriptures by Yisrayl Hawkins (1999) A House of Yahweh Publication

GOD'S WORD (1995) Today's Bible Translation that says what it means. WORD Publishing NUOVA
EURO 30,00

THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language (2002) Eugene H. Peterson. EURO 20,00

Holy Bible, New Living Translation (1996). Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. EURO 20,00

TANAKH The Holy Scriptures – The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text (1985) Jewish Publication Society EURO 25,00

The Orthodox New Testament (2000) Holy Apostles Convent. 2 volumi EURO 40,00

The Holy Bible – A Purified Translation. The New Testament (2000) EURO 15,00

God's New Covenant – A New Translation (1989) Heinz W. Cassirer EURO 30,00

The Clear Word. An Expanded Paraphrase (2000) by Jack J. Blanco. EURO 20,00

The Authentic New Testament translated by Hugh J. Schonfield (1958) EURO 20,00

The Jerusalem Bible © 1966, 1967 and 1968 by Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd and Doubleday &
Company, Inc. EURO 10.00

The Modern Language Bible. The New Berkeley Version in Modern English. Revised Edition
Copyright (1969) Zondervan Publishing House. EURO 30,00

The Holy Bible in the Language of Today – An American Translation (1976) William F. Beck. EURO 20,00

The Revised English Bible (1989) Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press NUOVA
EURO 20,00

The New Testament. A Translation by William Barclay (1969) William Collins Sons & Co. EURO 20,00

Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (1898) Baker Books NUOVA EURO 30,00

Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible (1977) Old and New Testament EURO 25,00

The Holy Bible, New Century Version (1991) Word Publishing EURO 15,00

New Revised Standard Version Bible (1989) With Apocriphal/Deuterocanonical Books EURO 15,00

The New Testament – An Expanded Translation by Kenneth S. Wuest (1961) EURO 10,00

The Promise - Contemporary English Version (1995) Thomas Nelson, Inc. EURO 10,00

The New Testament Letters (1946) J. W. C. Wand Bishop of London EURO 5,00

The New American Bible (1986) With The Revised New Testament (1987) EURO 10,00

The Living Bible (1981) Tyndale House Publishers. EURO 10,00

The New Testament in the Language of the People (1950, 1963) C. B. Williams. EURO 20,00

The Moffatt Translation of the Bible (1987) James Moffatt. NUOVA EURO 30,00

THE COMPLETE BIBLE An American Translation (1935) With the Apocrypha by J. M. Powis Smith &
Edgar J. Goodspeed. The University of Chicago Press EURO 40,00

The New Testament in Modern English (1972) J. B. Phillips EURO 8,00

The Bible in Basic English (1965) Cambridge. EURO 20,00

GOOD NEWS BIBLE, Today's English Version (1992) by American Bible Society. EURO 20,00

The New Testament – A New Translation in Plain English (1952) C. K. Williams EURO 20,00

The Complete Bible in Modern English (1925) Ferrar Fenton. EURO 20,00

The New English Bible (1970) EURO 15,00

New Testament in Modern Speech by R. F. Weymouth D. Lit. (1909) EURO 15,00

New American Standard Bible translation (1977) by The Lockman Foundation EURO 10,00

The Twentieth Century New Testament (1904) A Translation into Modern English. EURO 15,00

The New Testament. The African Bible - Translated from the original by Conor Murphy CSSp. – St Paul Communications Daughters of St Paul. Nairobi (Kenya). Paulines Publications Africa EURO 10,00

The four Gospels. A New Translation by E. V. Rieu (1956) EURO 5,00

New Testament and Psalms of the Holy Bible. Norlie's Simplified New Testament. In Plain English
– for Today's Reader. A new translation from the Greek by Olaf M. Norlie, Ph. D. EURO 20,00

The New Testament in Everyday English. Copyright 1979 by Jay E. Adams. EURO 20,00

   Twenty-four books of the Holy Scriptures. Carefully translated after the best
Jewish Authorities by Isaac Leeser. EURO 60,00

Holman Christian Standard Bible (2003) EURO 15,00

Holy Bible – Revised Version (1903) Oxford EURO 30,00

New Life Study Testament (1978) G. H. Ledyard EURO 15,00

My Book. - God. Good News Translation (2001) (NUOVA) EURO 9,00

New King James Version EURO 3,00

New American Standard Bible – Update Edition (1995) EURO 10,00

New American Bible (1991) EURO 10,00

The New Jerusalem Bible (Pocket edition) 1990 con Glossario NUOVA EURO 8,00

The Holy Bible – New International Version (Come nuova) EURO 10,00

God's Word - New Testament & Psalms (1995) EURO 3,00

The New Testament - Authorized King James Version EURO 2,00

The Gospel of St. John - Authorised Version EURO 0,50

New Life Study New Testament Translated by Gleason H. Ledyard EURO 2,50

Good News New Testament – Today's English Version EURO 3,00

New Testament – King James Version EURO 2,00

The New International Version – New Testament and Psalms EURO 2,00


New Age Bible Versions. An Exhaustive Documentation Exposing The Message, Men and Manuscripts Moving Mankind To The Antichrist's One World Religion – The New Case against the NIV, NASB, NKJV, NRSV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB, LIVING, PHILLIPS, NEW JERUSALEM, & NEW CENTURY EURO 8,00


La Sainte Bible (1908) L. Segond et H. Oltramare. EURO 70,00

La Sainte Bible (1820) David Martin. EURO 50,00

La Bible (1981) Pierre de Beaumont © Fayard - Mame, 1981. EURO 30,00

La Bible de Jérusalem © Éditions du Cerf, Paris 1955 EURO 25,00

La Bible - Nouvelle Traduction – La Bible (2001) EURO 15,00

"Parole Vivante", transcription du Nouveau Testament par Alfred Kuen (1976) Editeurs de Littérature
Biblique, Braine – l'Alleud, Belgique. EURO 15,00
Louanges pour notre temps, transcription rythmée des psaumes par Alfred Kuen 1980 Editeurs de
Littérature Biblique, Braine – l'Alleud, Belgique. EURO 8,00

Sagesse et poésie pou notre temps – L'Ecclésiaste, Job, Cantique de Cantiques et les Proverbes transcription par Alfred Kuen (1982) Editeurs de Littérature Biblique, Braine – l'Alleud, Belgique. EURO 10,00

Le Nouveau Testament (1869) D. Martin EURO 20,00

Parole de Vie. Nouveau Testament traduit en français fondamental © Société biblique française, 1993.
EURO 5,00

La Sainte Bible (1905) Abbé A. Crampon. Chanoine d'Amiens. EURO 35,00

La Bible. Votre Bible. F. Amiot, C. Augrain, L. Neveu, D. Sesboüé, R. Tamisier (1982) EURO 20,00

La Sainte Bible (1877) Version de J. F. Ostervald. EURO 40,00

La Sainte Bible du Chanoine CRAMPON. A. Crampon & L. Tricot (1952) EURO 40,00

La Bible du Semeur (1992) Société Biblique Internationale EURO 20,00

La Sainte Bible (1963) Moines de Maredsous. EURO 15,00

Le Nouveau Testament (1956) F.-M. Braun - D. Buzy – R. Leconte – L. Marchal EURO 10,00

Traduction Œcuménique de la Bible. Nouvelle édition revue (1988) Société biblique française & Éditions du Cerf EURO 15,00

La Sainte Bible (1971) Version Synodale. Société Biblique Auxiliaire du Canton de Vaud. EURO 40,00

La Sainte Bible (1951) L. Pirot et A. Clamer EURO 25,00

La Bible (1956) Ancient Testament, (Pentateuco e Libri Storici) E. Dhorme Librairie Gallimard, 1956 EURO 10,00

Nouveau Testament (1971) Grosjean – Léturmy. EURO 30,00

La Sainte Bible. Nouvelle Version Segond Révisée (1978) EURO 10,00

La Sainte Bible. Nouvelle Édition publiée sous la direction de S. Ém. le Cardinal Liénart by La Bible pour tous 1956 – Paris. EURO 20,00

Les. Evangiles, les quatre. Nouvelle traduction par sœur Jeanne D'Arc EURO 10,00

Le Nouveau Testament (1937) P. Buzy EURO 10,00

La Sainte Bible (1903) Le Maistre de Saci. EURO 25,00

Nouveau Testamente et Psaumes – Traduction Liturgique de la Bible (1993) Brepols EURO 15,00

Le Nouveau Testament (1855) J. P. Lallemant EURO 20,00


Nueva Biblia Española (1976) Luis Alonso Schökel y Juan Mateos – EDICIONES CRISTIANDAD, S. L. EURO 25,00

La Biblia – La Casa de la Biblia (1992) EURO 20,00
Biblia de Jerusalén (1966) José Ángel Ubieta. Editorial Desclée De Brouwer EURO 20,00

Biblia del Peregrino (1993) Luis Alonso Schökel. Conferencia Episcopal Española EURO 20,00

NOU TESTAMENT – Traducciò Interconfessional (1986) Associaciò Biblica de Catalunya – Editorial
Claret – Fundaciò Biblica Evangèlica de Catalunya – Societats Bibliques Unides EURO 5,00

Sagrada Biblia (1992) P. José Miguel Petisco de la Compañía de Jesús. Dispuesta y Publicada por el
ILMO. SR.D. Félix Torres Amat © Editorial Alfredo Ortells EURO 20,00

Sagrada Biblia. Eloíno Nácar Fuster y Alberto Colunga, O. P. Trigesima Septima Edicion. Biblioteca de
Autores Cristianos, de La Editorial Católica, S. A. Madrid 1985. EURO 15,00

El Libro del Pueblo de Dios (1992) A. J. Levoratti y A. B. Trusso, 7. a edición. EURO 20,00

La Biblia al Dia, Nuevo Testamento (1979) EURO 10,00

La Santa Biblia. Revisión de 1960 Reina – Valera © 1960 Sociedades Bíblicas en América Latina.
EURO 15,00

Nuevo Testamento –Traducciòn Interconfesional – Segunda edición. © Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, La Casa de la Biblia, Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas. EURO 10,00

Nueva Biblia de Jerusalén (1999) Nueva edición revisada y aumentada © Editorial Desclée De
Brouwer, S. A.. 1999 EURO 15,00

Nuevo Testamento. Traduccion de los Textos Originales por el P. Felipe de Fuenterrabía, ofmc.
23a edición © Editorial Verbo Divino. Estella 1961. EURO 10,00

Nuevo Testamento (1961) A.F.E.B.E. Associacion para el fomento de los estudios Bìblicos en Espana
EURO 10,00

Sagrada Biblia. Versión de los padres Pedro Franquesa y José M. Solé, Misioneros Claretianos. 9.a Edición © Editorial Regina 1966 EURO 15,00

La Biblia del Diario Vivir. Evangelio de Juan (1997) Con molte e ampie note EURO 1,50


A Bíblia Viva. 8a Edição. Living Bibles International. EURO 15,00

A Sagrada Bíblia (1968) João Ferreira de Almeida - Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas. EURO 15,00

La Bíblia na Linguagem de Hoje (1973) EURO 20,00

Bíblia Sagrada. Difusora Bíblica (Missionários Capuchinhos). 15.A Edição (1991) EURO 20,00

Bíblia Sagrada (1989) Matos Soares - PAULUS – São Paulo, 1989. EURO 20,00

Bíblia Sagrada - A Boa Nova. Tradução interconfessional do hebraico, do aramaico e do greco em portoguês corrente. Edição da Difusora Bíblica (Franciscanos Capuchinhos) 1993 - Sociedade Bíblica de Portugal. EURO 20,00

Bíblia Pastoral. Ivo Storniolo y Euclides Martins Balancin - 1990 Sociedade Bíblica Católica Internacional 1993, SÃO PAULO (Edições Paulistas) EURO 20,00

Novo Testamento (1982) Traducao Fr. Mateus Hoepers O.F.M. Editora VozesLtda. EURO 3,50


Scritture Greche Cristiane, ebr., di F. Delitzsch, Londra, ed. 1981. EURO 15,00

Scritture Greche Cristiane, ebr., di Isaac Salkinson e C. D. Ginsburg, Londra, 1891. EURO 15,00

Scritture Greche Cristiane, ebr., United Bible Societies, Gerusalemme, 1979. EURO 15,00


Where to find it in the Bible - The Ultimate A to Z resourse. Fully illustrated. EURO 10,00
TO over 3.700 Contemporary Topics (1996) Ken Anderson

The NIV Matthew Henry Commentary (1992)

If interested contact me

BIBLES FOR SALE by jwfelixjwfelix, 14 Jun 2014 20:40

The old Bible book in the digital age sometimes matures strange fruits and these fruits produce even stranger results.
It's known for quite some time that universities and renowned libraries digitize even Bibles which at times can be a windfall for collectors to load them on e-book readers or tablets.
Such a lucky chance proved to be a Psalm book from the early 20th century translated by Kaufman Kohler and published by the Jewish Publication Society. had it digitized and I loaded it down - just to find out, after some doubts had grown, that an anonymous KJV text had been digitized instead by mistake. Frustration lasted until unexpectedly this Kohler- title was being offered as a physical book by a Publisher (ReInk Books) from India as a reprint item. Without hesitating I ordered this paperback for a reasonable price (€ 22.-, or c. $ 30.-). About three weeks later I opened the package - just to find out that the very anonymous KJV Psalms (Temple Bible) pdf-file, digitized by g000gle had been printed and wrapped in a Kohler- titled cover. Disappointed and disillusioned I was, you bet!
So be warned and advised: Don't judge the inside of a book from looking at the outward appearance! Before you buy a digitized old print from India (or elsewhere), make sure to search within the various Digital- Book reproducers in the internet (whatever they call themselves) for the title and check the text carefully! I discovered not a few poor and faulty scanned books, incomplete ones and even the old KJV disguised as a JPS title in a made-up poor jacket. Proof here! Even worse: The Indian non- Jewish Englishman is still for sale at ´alibris`- books: For they know not what they print …

From left: ❶ Cover of "Kohler" Psalms Book; ❷ Inside: "The Temple Bible" KJV title with reprinter's book-ID; ❸ (coloured) title scanned from; in this paperback it is reproduced in b&w.

As I'm new to this biblewiki, I'd like to introduce myself to the forum: My name is Simon Birnbaum from near Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 1984 I collect Bibles in German, English, Hebrew and Greek. In 2008 I decided to put my collection in form of an archive into the Internet ( and, lately as a successor, So I'm sharing quite the same passion as biblewiki does - just in some other form and with different accents.
As my father presented to me an English New Testament already when I was a child, I got acquainted with this sort of literature from my early years on and later started collecting Bibles (also) in English.
Earlier today I filled in the templates for two new entries: The 1870 copy of Henry Alford's NT and Fr. Lazarus' Holy Psalter from the Septuagint (1966). As I've never done this before, I hope the template-entries work. Scans of the these first two entries I've e-mailed to the webmaster.
As I could read, there's at least another contributor from Germany - I'd appreciate to get some more infos from him! Thanks & blessings! Simon

New Contributions by birnbaumbirnbaum, 10 Sep 2012 09:03

I was trying to find out information on a Bible I have. It is a pocket size new and old testament dated 1816. It says "American Bible Society Instituted In The Year 1816 New York". I was curious about if it is rare or was there a lot published in 1816? I was wondering if it was common back then to print the old and new testament pocket size?


I do not have much to contribute in this field, but would be willing to monitor input, help with pictures, etc.

Re: Concordances. by Bible_wikiBible_wiki, 20 Jul 2011 14:31

Hello call, I just joined this site as I really enjoy collecting old Bibles. But I have noticed that there are no listings for older Concordances. I own a few, including a 1635 copy of Clement Cotton's concordance which is, according to greatsite anyway, the first KJV concordance. I know these aren't as collectable but do you all think there should be a section at least for the older ones (Cotton's, Strong's, Cruden's, etc.)? I ask this because when doing research on the cotton's, I've found virtually no information, so maybe it would be nice to compile what info there is out there and maybe dig to find some more.

Concordances. by sklineskline, 27 Feb 2011 02:37

I think something that most people using Ebay as a baseline aren't figuring is what amount do Bibles SELL for. It's one thing to ask an amount, another to get it. But people aren't looking at that. Look at English Hexaplas. right now there is one for $2500 and another for, get this, $4500. Are they insane? the last Hexapla I saw SELL on ebay was for $700. Granted it was an 1851 edition but still. Even the first edition rarely gets over $1500. But that's not stopping people from going higher. I think they see greatsite asking so much and figure they can too. I have what I believe is a second edition (based on info on this site, as mine has the 112 page intro and the "ornate" title page). I doubt it is worth more than $1000, and that's on a good day. Maybe I'm wrong but I promise you'll not find anyone who would pay $2500.

I really think that ebay gets a lot of flack but some of the "professional" retail sites are as much to blame. They've inflated the prices because they view these Bibles solely as investment items. That's a shame as it keeps them out of the hands of a lot of people who really would have liked to have them. Now, mosst of the older Bibles simply sit on a shelf or worse in a safe instead of being read.

Just my two cents.

Re: A word about valuation by sklineskline, 27 Feb 2011 02:33

I love the What's New page! I can see it is extra work, but it is a big help and much appreciated!

What's New Page by BRMuseumBRMuseum, 21 Jan 2011 16:03

You might be interested to look at our new web site which lists over 14,000 links to Bibles in 4,100 languages. These links include a wide variety of media formats. If you know of other Bibles that are not listed, and you'd like to add them to the site, please respond to the response form there. The site is completely non-commercial and simply indexes links to Bibles.

Davis Landin

A note should be put in to the DM Reprint section that states that the DM reprint is not likely to be found. With only 55 copies in existence, you are unlikely to find it.

I agree.
I just tried to add a new book to a listing, and am not sure if I was successful or not.

This is a wonderful project. I have been collecting Bible from various versions for about 30 years. I have collected from over 340 versions. I have a lot of information to share, but really don't understand this process.
Sidney Schwartz

Hello wiki-master and senoir members,

as I was not really successful with my first try, I'm asking for help here in the forum. Maybe I am not the only one to need advice, and maybe there is someone who can easily write up a small recipe here for newbees.

Apparently, the Bible Catalog has some logic and structure. Therefor it would be most helpful to have instructions or even rules, in which sequence to proceed such that any additional page appears in its most suitable location and is also registered in all lists.


how to add a new item by m-kalym-kaly, 18 Feb 2009 21:54
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