Dalmer R. Ford

Dalmer R. Ford was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1928 and raised in rural Arkansas. He became a Christian in 1944. In 1948, he joined the U.S. Army where he served until his retirement in 1967. He then worked as an electrical engineer for twelve years until he retired to devote himself to full time study of the Sinaitic New Testament. The Codex Sinaiticus is among the oldest Greek Manuscripts of the Bible and contains the entire New Testament. Ford presents a transcription of the Codex on the left and a fairly literal English translation on the right. Ford follows the order and content of the Codex which means that Acts follows Philemon and the books of Barnabas and most of the Shepherd of Hermas are included.

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Title: Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ The New Covenant The New Testament: Sinaitic Version in Greek and English Ancient Text Edited and Translated by Dalmer R. Ford.
Date: 1993
Publisher: Vantage Press: New York
Contents: New Testament (plus Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas)
References: Taliaferro-BVE CN00459, Taliaferro-EELBV 8370.
Images: Cover, Title page


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