English Dialects, Slangs and Pidgins

These Bible versions are dialects, slangs, pidgins and possibly cognate languages to English. All are readable to some extent by English readers. Pidgins that are not readable by English readers will be listed on the non-English page.

Dialects & Slangs

Africa, Pidgin


Australia, Strine

England, Black Country Dialect

England, Cockney

England, Cornish

England, Cumberland

England, Devonshire

England, Devonshire (East)

England, Dorset

England, Durham

England, Lancashire (Bolton)

England, Lancashire (North)

England, Liverpool (Scouse)

England, Newcastle (Geordie)

England, Northumberland

England, Northumberland (Tyneside)

England, Norfolk

England, Somerset

England, Sussex

England, Westmorland

England, Wiltshire (North)

England, Yorkshire

England, Yorkshire, Craven

England, Yorkshire, North

England, Yorkshire, Sheffield

England, Yorkshire, West Riding

Jamaica, Jamaican Creole

Scotland (Scots)

Scotland (Braid Scots)

Scotland, Lowland ("Lallans")

Scotland, North-East Scotland (Doric)

Scotland, Shetland

Scotland, West of Scotland Vernacular

United States, Cowboy

United States, Hawaiian Pidgin

United States, Pirate

United States, Slang

United States, Sea Islands - Gullah

United States, Southwestern Pennsylvania


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