Freeman Wills Crofts

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Title: The Four Gospels in One Story / Written As a Modern Biography / With difficult passages clarified and / Explanatory Notes. / By Freeman Wills Crofts
Date: First published 1949
Publisher: London W1, England (U.K.): Longmans, Green and Co
Contents: Four Gospels. The whole Gospel Story in a single narrative and biographical form.
References: Chamberlin 650-6.
Images: Cover, Title
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum, Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany
Comments: Paperback or Cloth Board, Octavo 334 pp. In the preface Crofts unfolds the principles of his Gospel harmony and compares his translation to the AV, RV, Moffat's, Weymouth's and Goodspeed & Smith's Short Bible. The rendition is offered in colloquial English. The cross reference section at the end shows that the Gospel texts are given in full. An index completes the book.


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