Concordant Greek Text

The Concordant Version is based on the principle that “every word in the original should have its own English equivalent.” In addition to the English translation, they produced a Greek text that was printed alongside the English text in some editions. The Greek text was also printed separately.


Title: Concordant Greek Text Designed to be used with The Concordant Literal New Testament Its Keyword Concordance and the Greek Elements and Consisting of a Greek Text Restored from Uncial Manuscripts (Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus) and Their Ancient Editors With the Variant Readings in the Superlinear and an Ultraliteral English Translation in the Sublinear
Date: 1975 (First edition 1926, Second edition 1930, Third edition 1955, Fourth edition 1975)
Publisher: Concordant Publishing Concern: Canyon Country, California
Contents: New Testament
Language: Greek with English interlinear translation
Images: Title page


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