John Noble Coleman

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Title: The Poem of Job The most ancient Book in the Universe The First Written Revelation Which God Vouchsafed to Man. With a statement of the country where Job resided, and an enumeration of some of the lands which Job gave to his three daughters for an inheritance amidst their brethren, and which were called after their own names. Translated from the Hebrew with notes explanatory, illustrative, and critical, by the Rev. John Noble Coleman, M.A. Late Incumbent of Ventor. Second Edition. Printed for Private Circulation.
Date: 1871 (first edition 1869)
Publisher: [Edinburgh] : Printed for private circulation by T. and A. Constable, at the Edinburgh University Press, 1871.
Contents: Job
References: Herbert see 2346.
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Title: Psalterium Messianicum Davidis Regis et Prophetae A Revision of the Authorized English Versions of The Book of Psalms, With Notes, Original and Selected; Vindicating in accordance with the interpretation of the New Testament, and with pre-reformation authorities, their prophetic manifestation of Messiah, the Alpha and Omega, the Shepherd, Prophet, Priest, and King the Pattern and Exemplar of all the Blood-Bought Sheep of Immanuel, of every age and of every clime. By the Rev. John Noble Coleman, M.A. Late Incumbent of Ventnor.
Date: 1863
Publisher: London: James Nisbet and Co.
Contents: Psalms
References: Chamberlin 313-8; Herbert 2379
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Title: Ecclesiastes A New Translation with Notes Explanatory, Illustrative, and Critical Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by the Rev. John Noble Coleman, M.A. Late Incumbent of Ventnor.
Date: 1867 (first edition printed for private circulation in 1866)
Publisher: Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot
Contents: Ecclesiastes
References: Chamberlin 395-2; Herbert 2400
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