John Noble Coleman

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Title: Psalterium Messianicum Davidis Regis et Prophetae A Revision of the Authorized English Versions of The Book of Psalms, With Notes, Original and Selected; Vindicating in accordance with the interpretation of the New Testament, and with pre-reformation authorities, their prophetic manifestation of Messiah, the Alpha and Omega, the Shepherd, Prophet, Priest, and King the Pattern and Exemplar of all the Blood-Bought Sheep of Immanuel, of every age and of every clime. By the Rev. John Noble Coleman, M.A. Late Incumbent of Ventnor.
Date: 1863
Publisher: London: James Nisbet and Co.
Contents: Psalms
References: Chamberlin 313-8; Herbert 2379
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Title: Ecclesiastes A New Translation with Notes Explanatory, Illustrative, and Critical Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by the Rev. John Noble Coleman, M.A. Late Incumbent of Ventnor.
Date: 1867 (first edition printed for private circulation in 1866)
Publisher: Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot
Contents: Ecclesiastes
References: Chamberlin 395-2; Herbert 2400
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