Chayahuita New Testament

From Wikipedia: Chayahuita is an indigenous American language spoken by thousands of native Chayahuita people in South America. Spoken along the banks of the Paranapura, Cahuapanas, Sillay, and Shanusi rivers, it is also known as Chayawita, Shawi, Chawi, Tshaahui, Chayhuita, Chayabita, Shayabit, Balsapuertino, Paranapura, and Cahuapa.

This was translated by George Hart, Helen Hart, and Luisa Pinto; for the World Home Bible League.


Title: Yosë Nanamën Quisocristo Anitotërinpoaso' El Nuevo Testamento de nuestro Señor Jesucristo en el idioma chayahuita
Date: 1978
Publisher: Lima: Liga bíblica mundial del hogar
Contents: New Testament
Language: Chayahuita
Images: Cover, Title page


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