Thomas Cartwright

Title A / Confvtation / of the / Rhemists / Translation, Glosses / and Annotations / on the Nevv Testament, / so farre as they containe / Manifest Impieties, Heresies, / Idolatries, Superstitions, Prophanesse, Treasons, Slanders, / Absurdities, Falsehoods and Other Evils. / By Occasion whereof the Trve Sence, Scope, / and Doctrine of the Scriptures, and humane Authors, by them / abused, is now given, / Written long since by order from the chiefe in- / struments of the late Queen and State, and at the speciall request and / encouragement of many godly-learned Preachers of England, / as the ensuing Epistles shew. / By that Reverend, Learned, and Iudicious Divine, / Thomas Cartwright, / sometime Divinitie Reader of / Cambridge. / Printed in the yeare 1618.
Date 1618
Publisher Unknown publisher, Barker?, Brewster?, London?
Contents The complete Book of Matthew and selections from the remainder of the New Testament in the Rheims Version of 1582 with confutations by Cartwright and Fulke.

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