Victor Buksbazen

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Title: The Prophet Isaiah ✡ New Translation and Commentary. Victor Buksbazen
Date: 1971
 [reprinted 2006]
Publisher: Collingswood, N. J. (U.S.A.): The Spearhead Press
Contents: Text of Isaiah with Commentary from a Messianic- Jewish perspective
Images: Jacket, Title page, Cover of 2006 reprint
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv-Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden, Germany
Comments: Hardbound octavo 512 pp (Vol 1 & 2 in one book). Dr. V. Buksbazen, born in Poland, has a Jewish heritage and learning tradition combined with a Christian upbringing. He votes for the indivisibility of the Isaiah prophecy (no Deutero- or Trito- Isaiah) and carefully scrutinizes the theories of it's critics. The translation is put in between the commentaries; Jewish objections towards Messianic prophecies pointing at Yeshua of Nazareth are being considered and evaluated. - This book was originally published in 2 Vols (Vol. 1 ch. 1 to 39 w/322 pp; Vol 2 ch. 40 to 66), and in a single Vol. edition. Lately, 2006, it has been reprinted by „The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministries“.


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