Roman Braga

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Title: The Psalter / The Holy Psalter / Of Prophet and King David ☦ »HDM – Psalter«
Arranged and Edited by Archimandrite Roman Braga / Illustrations by Louise Simon
Date: 2012. First Printing

Publisher: Rives Junction MI (U.S.A.): HDM Press
 (Holy Dormition Monastery)
Contents: The Psalter (1 to 150) – The Nine Odes of Moses. – Acknowledgement • Editors´ Introduction • Foreword • From the Forword to the Psalms by St. Basil the Great • Prayers Before Beginning to Read the Psalter • Appendix: Glossary , Numbering of the Psalms, The Order of Reading the Kathismata.
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Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden, Germany

Comments: Hardbound large octavo; sewn binding; XII, 214, (5) & [9 empty] pp. Scripture texts in single column, Psalter headings translated.
As the “Acknowledgement“ reveals, this Psalter was made ready for publication by HDM Press, Great Lent 2012.

In the Editors´ Introduction, dated “Dormition Orthodox Monastery, Year of the Lord 2010“, Archimandrite Roman Braga informs about the translation:
»We undertook the publication of this edition of the Psalter because the English translations have been based on the Mazorethic Texts of Ben Asher in the twelfth century, and at that time the Rabi were inclined to eliminate from the Old Testament the prophecies referring to Jesus Christ. We based our translation on the public domain translation of the original King James Bible and confronted each verse with the Greek text of the Septuagint Bible. Through this “intervention“ we strived to maintain the same musical fluidity of the original texts and at the same time tried to correct and complete what was missing. We have replaces the old expressions (…) to accomodate today´s literary language in order to make it more widely used by readers of all ages. – The Psalter is divided into twenty Kathismata (…) Following the Psalms are the Nine Odes – Biblical passages that are read during Matins of Great Lent.«

A second „Foreword“, translated from the Introduction to the Psalter Edition published in Sibiu [Hermannstadt, Siebenbürgen], Romania in 1915, bears the title,
“For the Power of the Psalms and What is the Psalter“.

The third Foreword by St. Basil the Great was translated from Romanian by Mr. David Fritz on May 1st, 1998.
The "Prayers after the twentieth Kathisma" follow Ps 150. Interestingly, the out–of-order Psalm 151, rarely missing in LXX– Psalter editions, is not included.


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