Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Wycliffe and Tyndale Gospels

The Gothic text is taken version of Ulphilas made around 390 A.D. The Anglo-Saxon version dates from about 995 A.D. The Wycliffe version is taken from the earlier, more literal version of about 1389. The Tyndale version is from the first edition of 1526.


Title: The Gospels Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Wycliffe and Tyndale Versions arranged in parallel columns with preface and notes by Joseph Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S., F.S.A. … assisted by George Waring, M.A. Fourth Edition
Date: Fourth Edition 1907 (First edition 1865)
Publisher: Gibbings and Company: London
Contents: Gospels in Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, and English by Wycliffe and Tyndale
References: Chamberlin 614-4
Images: Title page
Facsimile: A pdf facsimile of the 1907 edition is available at


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