Dennis Beatty

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Title: The Essential New Testament - Dennis Beatty
Date: 2004
Publisher: Xulon Press
Contents: New Testament
References: Taliaferro-BVE CN00392, Taliaferro-EELBV 8875.
Images: Cover, Title, Translators page 1, Translators page 2
Comments: Whenever the Greek word "baptism" appears it is translated "immersion" or the grammatically appropriate form of that word.

It was prepared by a number of different translators whose names are listed at the beginning of the book and given below:
Matthew Rogers Chenault
Mark William E. Paul
Luke Donald A. Nash
John Gary Hoag
Acts Donald A. Nash
Romans Robert Reed Tucker
1 Corinthians Robert Reed Tucker
2 Corinthians Robert Reed Tucker
Galatians Dennis Beatty
Ephesians Richard S. Beal
Philippians Craig Gustafson
Colossians David Fabarez
1 Thessalonians William A. Pawson
2 Thessalonians Rogers Chenault
1 Timothy William A. Pawson
2 Timothy Kevin McGhee
Titus John Delhousaye
Philemon William A. Pawson
Hebrews Donald A. Nash
James Jeff Johnson
1 Peter William E. Paul
2 Peter Bryan Galloway
1,2,3 John Dennis Beatty
Jude John Ploog
Revelation Chuck Saletri


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