Shirley Barron–Kersey

The Psalms (2018)


Title: The Psalms in Everyday Language. [By] Shirley Barron–Kersey]
Date: No date given: [October 2018]
Publisher: [Richmond KY (U.S.A.): Independently published]
Contents: The Book of Psalms after the Hebrew, chapters 1–150 • Introduction • Types of Psalms.
Images: (Cover, Title page)
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany.
Comment: Softcover large octavo, adhesive binding; 230 pp. Scripture text verse-wise printed with Headings. No further extras.

The author writes in a single page Introduction concerning the translation,
»Our language changes constantly, and in translating the Psalms, I have tried to use most commonly-used words and phrases that people of the 21st century are generally familiar with. (…) There are instances where the Hebrew words in the original text are not exactly equivalent to English usage, and so a word or short phrase may be added in italics, to make the phrase more understandable in English.«
The substitute for Yahwe is LORD in all-capital letters.

Note: This book does, being a print-on-demand, neither contain a title page nor an impressum and lacks any publication date. As the copy shown was printed in Poland by Amazon Fulfillment, i created a title page image similar to that shown in the New Testament. The publication date (Oct 2018) is taken from the Amazon bookstore page, the location (Richmond KY) retrieved from the author´s information in the internet.

The New Testament (³2014)


Title: The New Testament in Everyday Language / Translated from the Original Koiné Greek" by Shirley Barron–Kersey
Date: ⓒ 1978 – Shirley L. Barron – Revised 2008, 2014
Publisher: No location given (U.S.A.): CreateSpace Independent Publishers
Contents: New Testament in traditional order. • Acknowledgements • Introduction • Table of Contents •• About the Publisher / Translator.
Images: Cover, title page
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany.
Base text: indicated: UBS– NTG by Aland, Black et alt.
Comments: Softcover large octavo, adhesive binding; 534 pp. Scripture texts in single column paragraph–wise, versification at beginning of paragraphs only; poetical passages in colometry; no footnotes nor cross-references.

Shirley Ann Lewis Barron–Kersey, M. D., B. A. (Biblical literature from Wheaton College, Wheaton IL) , M. A. (Biblical studies from University of Kentucky). Residence(s): Richmond KY and Tazewell TN.


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