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Title: Easy to Read Accurate Literal Translation of the Holy Bible The Complete New Testament with a Treasure of Old Testament Passages. AV7 The New Authorized Version in Present-Day English™ AV7 closely follows the time-honored traditional English Text commonly known as the Authorized Version or KJV, with recognized errors corrected, obsolete and archaic words and phrases updated to present-day English, and with many refinements and enhancements.
Date: 2006
Publisher: Communication Architects for the New Authorized Version Foundation
ISBN: 1597894478
Contents: New Testament with some selected Old Testament Verses
References: Taliaferro CN00485, Taliaferro-EELBV 9040.
Images: Cover, Title page
Comments: The AV7 was released with various covers. They were: clouds (ISBN 1597894486), burgundy (ISBN 159789446X), and youth (ISBN 1597894494); they are shown below. The back cover and spine of the clouds edition states that Humble Creek is the publisher.

➊ Clouds cover ➋ Clouds Back Cover ➌ Burgundy cover ➍ Youth cover


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