Carl C. Austin

Title: The Christian Bible Integrated Version Interpreted Edition Based on the King James Version with Corrected Translations From the Greek Reinterpreted in the Light of These Corrections Including Several Newly Recognized Testaments Not Previously Authenticated Each Passage Comprehensively Explained and Cross-Referenced Compiled and Interpreted by Carl C. Austin 1978
Date: 1978
Publisher: Carl C. Austin: Wispering Pines, North Carolina
Contents: New Testament? (In addition to the cannonical books, this work also includes sayings from the Gospel of Thomas, The Epistles of Jesus and King Abgarus, The Shepherd of Hermas, Command V, and a Fragment of The Lost Gospel of Peter, which the compiler feels are authentic.)
Images: Cover, Title page
References: Chamberlin 165-7. (While Chamberlin lists this in the "Hebrew Scriptures Selections" section, it does not contain any of the Hebrew Scriptures.)
Comments: From the Foreword: "In the text which follows, the four Gospels have been combined into one single testament, eliminating only those passages which were told more accurately by others elsewhere. No event or reported Word of Jesus has not been accounted for; and the unused passages as well as those which replace them have been clearly tabulated in a separate summary showing the disposition of each of the 3779 verses in the four Gospels, in Appendix VIII."


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