Edition of the Rheims/Challoner NT with Modern Commentary

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Title The New Testament / of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ / According to the Douay Version / With an Introduction and Notes / By / J. P. Arendzen, D.D., Ph.D., M. A. / London / Sheed & Ward / 1947
Date 1947
Publisher Sheed & Ward, London
Contents The New Testament according to the Rheims Version as revised by Challoner with new notes by Arendzen
Images Jacket, Title page
References POPE 681-2, CHAMBERLIN 580


Title The New Testament / Douay Version / Introductions by Lawrence Bright / Sheed and Ward / London
Date 1977 (on title verso)
Publisher Sheed and Ward, London
Contents The New Testament according to the Rheims Version as revised by Challoner with Arendzen's notes removed and the introductions to each book re-written by Bright.
Images Cover, Cover reverse Title page
References None


Title: The Layman's New Testament
Being the Rheims Text as First Revised by Bishop Challoner/ Edited with Introductions & Notes/ by Father Hugh Pope, O.P., S.T.M., D.S.S.
Date: (No date given, c. 1928) Imprimatur Westmonasterii 1927
Publisher: London E.C.4, England (U.K.): Sheed & Ward. Printed by the "Gruuthuuse Press" Bruges, Belgium
Contents: New Testament, introduced and explained; cross references and paragraph headings in the margin. Index to notes; 1 map
Images: Title page, Title page reverse
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv- Birnbaum, Karlsruhe, Baden. Germany.
Comments: Cloth board small octavo, 916 pp. 3 pages of »Introduction«. Challoner's Revision of the Rheims Text (1582) dated 1749 given on the left- hand page, annotations on the facing one. All books introduced. Index to notes (31 pp)
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