Joseph Addison Alexander

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Title: The Psalms Translated and Explained by J.A. Alexander Professor in the Theology Seminary at Princeton. Sixth Edition.
Date: First Edition 1850, Sixth Edition 1873
Publisher: Scribner, Armstrong & Co.: New York
Contents: Psalms
References: Chamberlin 309-10; Herbert see 2374.
Images: 1850 Volume 1 Title page (from online facsimile), 1850 Volume 2 Title page (from on-line facsimile), 1850 Volume 3 Title page (from on-line facsimile), 1873 Volume 1 Title page, 1873 Volume 2 Title page
Comments: A one-volume facsimile reprint of the 1873 edition was published by the Baker Book House in 1975 (Title page)
Facsimile: A PDF facsimile of the 1850 edition is available at Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3


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