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Aramaic English New Testament AENT (1st & 2nd edition)


Title: Aramaic English New Testament / MARI – Peshitta English Aramaic Critical Edition / a Compilation, Annotation and Translation of the Eastern Original Aramaic New Testament Peshitta Text / [by] Andrew Gabriel-Yitzkhak bar Raphael Roth
Date: ⓒ by Andrew Gabriel Roth. First edition August 2008, First printing
Publisher: Jerusalem (Israel): Netsari Press
Contents: New Testament. – Contents • Introduction • From Scripture to Publication • The 22 Tanakh and the 22 Renewed Covenant Books • The Renewed Covenant Book Order • • 361 pp. Appendix
Language: Aramaic and English
Location: Collection Bibelarchiv–Birnbaum. Karlsruhe/ Baden. Germany •

Source texts: The Khabouris Codex and the 1905 Edition of the Syriac New Testament
Comments: Hardcover large octavo, sewn binding. XXVI, 1069 & (5 empty) pp; Scripture text in single column mostly with running text, Aramaic on right, translation on left side of double page. Textual comments, word explanations and cross–references in footnotes. 82 Appendixes from p. 708. In the Introduction A. G. Roth informs about the English translation,
»To retain as much consistency as possible, Paul Younan´s translation has been compared from Matthew 1 to Acts 15 and James Murdock´s translation for the remainder, each word has been cross–checked with Aramaic. In some cases, both sources are woven together into this translation, under a unifying editorial vison and approach (…).«

Remark: Information by co–editor Baruch ben Daniel (dated Feb. 27, 2018, when 5th edition 2012 of AENT in print):
»The Aramaic script was used in the first 2 editions. [From] the 3rd edition [onwards] square "Hebrew" katav asshuri script [has been used]. There are minor revisions in the translation, most revisions are corrections and additional footnotes.«

AENT (3rd to 5th edition)


Title: (one line in Aramaic) Aramaic English New Testament (one line in Aramaic) Third Edition Mari Peshitta English Aramaic Critical Edition a Compilation, Annotation and Translation of the Eastern Original Aramaic New Testament Peshitta Text Compiled, Edited & Translated with consultation to both Ancient and Modern Authorities including: The Khabouric Codex and the 1905 Critical Edition of the Syriac New Testament by the British and Foreign Bible Society. Keyed and annotated with Tiberian-Masoretic vowel pointing system to restore the sound of Y'shua's Eastern Aramaic dialect for the Modern Hebrew reader. Andrew Gabriel-Yitzkhak bar Raphael Andrew Gabriel Roth (c) 2008 by Netzari Press LLC. All rights reserved
Date: 2008
Publisher: Netzari Press
Contents: New Testament in Aramaic and English (the Aramaic is presented in Hebrew characters)
References: Taliaferro-EELBV 9325.
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